Solving the mysteries of your family tree with genealogy and DNA analysis…

Ancestor Mysteries helps people knock down brick walls using traditional genealogy research and DNA analysis to find unknown parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and other relatives. We offer a wide range of resources to help you learn how to get started researching your family history, analyse your own DNA results and solve family mysteries. 

By offering do-it-yourself resources to help you get started in uncovering your family mysteries and then providing support every step of the way, we can offer a more affordable approach than typical genealogist fees which can range in the thousands. We strongly believe that every person deserves to find answers about their heritage, closure to life-long mysteries and to know who and where they came from.

Carla Harrington is a Genealogist with over 15 years experience in genealogy and a passion for family history. With a professional career as a Data Analyst, she now combines this experience with her true passion and helps people to find unknown relatives by analysing DNA results. With a 100% success rate in pinpointing unknown relatives via DNA results, she thrives of reuniting families or simply providing truth and closure.