Uploading to GEDmatch

GEDmatch is a fantastic website that allows users to upload their DNA results from other websites and compare with all users. So if you’ve tested with Ancestry, it will also match with users who have uploaded their results from My Heritage, 23 and me, etc. This may sometimes lead to new matches, however the most important aspect of this website is the range of tools not available anywhere else.

For cases that are difficult to solve based on DNA results only, we will recommend that clients upload their results to GEDmatch. Full results normally take a few days but there’s some great tools we can use immediately if you reply to your e-mail with your new GEDmatch number.

Here’s how to save your DNA data from Ancestry and upload to GEDmatch:

When logged into Ancestry, click on DNA, then ‘Settings’ on the right-hand side.

Scroll down to ‘Download or delete’ and click on ‘Download DNA data’. Follow the instructions and then wait for the e-mail to arrive to the e-mail address you have on file with Ancestry. 

This can sometimes take up to 24 hours but is normally much quicker. 

When the e-mail arrives, click on Download and save the file to your computer.

Now you can create a new account on GEDmatch. Simply visit www.gedmatch.com and click on ‘Join for Free’

Follow the steps to upload your DNA data. You will be issued with a kit number immediately. Please forward this to us by e-mail so we can get started and then we’ll check again for full results in a few days.

Images for each step are coming soon. If you experience any difficulty please free to e-mail us or for existing clients, call the phone number listed in our messages to you. 

Ancestor Mysteries are not affiliated with GEDmatch, Ancestry or any other third parties.