DNA Analysis

Have you already received your DNA results but finding it even more of a mystery? By extensively sorting DNA matches, we can usually determine the four grandparents of your family tree, knowing exactly which branch to focus on to find an unknown relative. Then analysing the data and level of centimorgans (DNA measurement) for each match, building family trees and using traditional genealogy research, we can identify the mystery ancestor or couple.

This is amazing for people adopted searching for biological parents, those with unknown grandparents or family mysteries where public records are not available. 

Special package includes:

  • Up to 16 hours of main research (but never give up!) analysing DNA data and genealogy research
  • Family tree of confirmed DNA ancestors and references
  • List of recommended next steps if required 
DNA results and provide ‘collaborator’ access. No login or password details are ever required. 
This package does not include the cost of birth, death and marriages certificates if required or tracing living relatives. 

Information to Start with...

If you’re ready to get started, contact Carla via e-mail carla@ancestormysteries.com or online with some brief information. By providing as much information as you can to start with, we can confirm if we’re perfect to help and then spend as much time researching without having to go over all the basics. Just a brief summary is great before commencing work and we’ll ask for more details if known when we start. 

  • What would you love to find out or who would you like to find?
  • Do you have DNA results available now?
  • Any known family rumours or adoptions that has made searching without DNA more difficult?

Get Started...

Are you ready to take the next steps to solve your family mystery? Contact Carla to discuss how Ancestor Mysteries can help.
Tell us what you’d love to find out, some brief information and we’ll focus on the rest.

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