Are you just getting started with family history and would love to confirm starting information?

Trying to trace an elusive ancestor who is seemingly impossible to find?

Do you have a family mystery about your parent or grandparent’s biological family?

Would you love to know when and how your ancestors arrived in Australia?

Family History Starter Package

Starter package to focus on one relative or determine 1-3 generations of your family tree on the maternal or paternal line. With access to millions of records, local archives and newspapers and the expertise to know exactly where to search, we can quickly solve your family mysteries. 

  • In depth focus on one ancestor OR quick focus on 1-3 generations on your maternal or paternal line. 
  • Up to 16 hours of main research (but never give up!) 
  • Receive a report and/or family tree with references
  • Tracing your family’s country of origin and when and how they came to Australia
  • Recommendations for next steps if required

This package does not include DNA analysis, tracing living relatives or the cost of birth, death and marriages certificates if required. 
Fee $360

Information to start with...

If you’re ready to get started, contact Carla via e-mail or online with some brief information. By providing as much information as you can to start with, we can confirm if we’re perfect to help and then spend as much time researching without having to go over all the basics. Just a brief summary is great before commencing work and we’ll ask for more details if known when we start. 

Always focus on the last deceased relative and we’ll work backwards. No private information about living people are required. 

Some information that’s great to begin with:

  • What would you love to know?
  • Full name and date of birth
  • Town, state or country of birth
  • Any known addresses (even just state or country if they moved around)
  • Any known occupations
  • Known marriages and maiden names
  • Any family rumours or known adoptions


Get Started...

Are you ready to take the next steps to solve your family mystery? Contact Carla to discuss how Ancestor Mysteries can help.
Tell us what you’d love to find out, some brief information and we’ll focus on the rest.

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