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“Carla has been absolutely amazing every step of the way tracing my biological father. With nothing but a name to start with, she discovered everything about his life and then found half-siblings I never knew of. At the age of 65 I’ve finally received answers to a life-long mystery and have a whole new family to get to know. Couldn’t be happier!”

– John, Victoria, Australia


“As a single mother with a now grown daughter who had never met her father, I was curious to see if I could find a photograph of him to give my daughter. As I heard he died many years ago I thought this would be an impossible task. I was completely blown away when Carla discovered that he is actually still alive. We’ve since been in contact on Facebook and I’m so appreciative of the all the time she spent helping us. Carla is a genealogy superstar and I recommend her to everyone I know.”

– Michelle, Queensland, Australia


I’ve spent years searching for the name of my Dad’s father. It was a family mystery that I was desperate to solve. After receiving DNA results I was left more confused and didn’t know where to start. It soon became clear that he wasn’t even my biological father at all. But as family is more than DNA, it was still so important. Carla not only found the identity of my biological father based on the DNA, she went above and beyond to help me navigate asking my siblings to also do DNA tests and once that was done found my Dad’s father straight away. I spent over 10 years searching and Carla found the answer within days. But most of all, she understood the huge range of emotions that come with it and was compassionate and understanding.”

– Lyn, Queensland, Australia