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I'm Carla, a professional Genealogist with over 15 years’ experience and huge family history nerd. Living in the scenic Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria, I now study a Diploma of Family History with the University of Tasmania and have transformed my lifelong fascination with genealogy into a professional pursuit, blending my background in Data Analytics with my passion for uncovering the secrets of the past.

My love of genealogy was sparked by a family mystery: my grandfather's lifelong quest to uncover the identity of his father—a quest that remained unfulfilled in his lifetime. Dedicating over a decade to researching my family's roots in Tasmania, I faced an unexpected twist when a DNA test revealed that my grandfather was not biologically related to my mother.

This personal experience deepened my understanding of the emotional rollercoaster that often accompanies genealogical research. It taught me the critical role of DNA analysis in unravelling family histories and inspired me to help others navigate their own genealogical mysteries.

At Ancestor Mysteries, my mission extends beyond offering professional genealogy services. I am dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and tools to trace your family history, decipher DNA results, and uncover the stories that shape your identity. Whether you're seeking to connect with unknown relatives or to piece together your ancestral story, I am here to guide you every step of the way.

Carla came highly recommend to me by friends although I thought my mystery would be impossible. My adult daughter never got to meet her father as he and I separated when she was a baby. But I dearly wanted to be able to track down a photograph of him to give her. I had heard he died many years ago and couldn’t find any of his family to help with this request. Not only did Carla find a photograph and his family within days, she discovered he was still alive! I am blown away by her amazing ability and now highly recommend her to everyone I know too!

Michelle. Queensland, Australia

Carla's was amazing throughout the entire process of locating my biological father. Despite discovering that he passed away a few years ago, I was thrilled to discover siblings who were eager to connect. Her warm and empathetic approach when contacting them played a crucial role in them being so open and embracing me into the family. I couldn’t be more thrilled and can’t thank Carla enough for this life-changing experience.

John. Victoria, Australia