Ancestor Mysteries offers a wide range of services and special packages. If you have a family mystery to solve that doesn’t fit in one of the below packages, please contact us to see how we can help.

Family History Research

Starter package to focus on one relative or determine 1-3 generations (not including yourself) of your family tree on the maternal or paternal line. Whether the family line is completely unknown or you’d like to find out more, this research includes up to 16 hours of main research. With access to millions of records, local archives and newspapers and the expertise to know exactly where to search, we can quickly solve your family mysteries. 

Starter package: $360

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Genetic Genealogy / DNA Analysis

Have you already received your DNA results but
finding it even more of a mystery? This package
includes up to 16 hours of main research determining
relationships with DNA
matches to
pinpoint a mystery relative or couple. Once connections are
established, traditional genealogical research methods
are then used to confirm
You’ll receive a family tree of confirmed DNA ancestors as well
as references.

DNA Analysis Package: $480

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Biological Parent Focus

If you’re searching for an unknown parent this package includes both genealogical research and DNA analysis if available as a well as looking for living relatives including the biological parent and potential full or half-siblings. Includes up to 16 hours of main research (but I never give up!), unlimited hours contacting potential family and follow-ups, full reports and references, contact on your behalf if requested with potential living relatives in a very sensitive manner.

Biological Parent Package: $590

Personal Tuition

This 2.5 hour session in the comfort of your own home covers:

  • Basic introduction to family tree research and online databases
  • Mapping information you know about your family history and best resources to get started
  • Using Ancestry and how to get the most from it 

What you need: A computer or laptop connected to the internet. It’s also helpful to gather any family history documents, certificates or make a few notes of what information is known to other family members before starting.
An Ancestry membership or free trial is also highly recommended. 


This service is only available to clients in the Geelong/Bellarine area. 

Personal Tuition: $140 for 2.5 hours

Group Sessions (prices vary)

Carla is available to conduct group training sessions with a minimum of five people attending. Sessions start by discussing what information is required to get started, each person noting information that is known about their family tree and then covering online resources and databases using real examples based on the group. Recommendations are then provided for next steps. 

For many this is the start of a life-long hobby/obsession into family history. 

This service is only available in the Geelong/Bellarine area. Please contact Carla with details for further information and pricing. 

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