At Ancestor Mysteries, we understand the profound impact of uncovering your family history. Whether you are taking the first steps on your genealogical journey or you are an experienced family historian facing challenging research barriers, Ancestor Mysteries is here to guide and support you. Our services span from introductory family tree creation to in-depth research, DNA analysis and solving complex genealogical puzzles.

  • Custom Family Tree Packages: Ideal for beginners, these packages provide a solid foundation for your family history research, including basic tree creation and documentation of direct line ancestors.
  • Record Retrieval: Access vital records, census data, military records, and more to add depth and accuracy to your family tree.
  • DNA Analysis Consultation: Unlock the secrets of your ancestry with our DNA analysis services. We help you understand your results and integrate them into your genealogical research. If you have already received DNA results, have limited or low centimorgan matches, Ancestor Mysteries can help find any relative using a combination of DNA match sorting, analysis and expert research skills. 
  • Biological Parent Focus: Whether you only have a name to start with or trying to find a biological parent in DNA results, Carla specialises in locating biological parents within Australia. She is experienced finding living parents and potential siblings, as well as knowing exactly how to approach relatives and contacts in a gentle and sensitive manner for them to be open to exchange information, reach out to other family and get answers without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Specialized Research Projects: For those difficult cases or specific research goals, Ancestor Mysteries employs targeted strategies to uncover hard-to-find information and connect the dots in your family history.


Ancestor Mysteries provides packages rates depending on the research service required. Family History Action Plans are an affordable way to get started and range from $90 – $180.
Full research and DNA analysis packages range from $860 – $2400.

For more information please contact Carla or email

Never Give Up Guarantee

Any genealogy work can never be guaranteed. Sometimes records aren’t available or the right people haven’t DNA tested but Ancestor Mysteries guarantees never to give up on a case. The rare cases with limited results are checked again regularly for new information or connections. Sometimes a new DNA match is available or a critical contact decides they’re ready to get in touch months later and we’ll pick up exactly where we left off, completely free of charge. 

Contact Carla

For more information please contact Carla or email